• "Policy analysis and advice in economic, financial, monetary and fiscal policies"
  • "Advice in Decision-making systems, Delegations, Accountabilities & Risk strategies"
  • "Organizational restructuring, Effectiveness, Behavioral changes, Performance & Motivation"

Meeting the Challenges of the Pacific

The common challenges of small, vulnerable countries of the Pacific region are well known. Each country also has its own issues which affects the pace of its economic & social development. Culture, generally has a strong influence in the formulation & acceptance of public policies. The capacity limitations of these small islands significantly affect what can be implemented. An understanding of the factors that drive development is critical to the effectiveness of development assistance to the region.

The major strength of the PCG is in the breadth and depth of experience in financial, monetary and fiscal policy, which can be used to help mould, design and implement future effective policies in Pacific Island Countries. Other strengths are our ability to network with decision makers in the region, our local and international knowledge in our chosen fields of work and our capability to deliver the quality of work expected by our clients.

We are dedicated to providing a level of service which is tailor-made to suit each country's localized needs. With over 50 years of combined CEO experience & expertise here in the Pacific, our passion in serving the institutions, governments and communities of our region comes second to none.

Our Services

The Principals of PCG bring with them skills and experience in Policy analysis and advice in economic, financial, monetary and fiscal policies. Public Finance Management which includes PFM reforms ....

Meet the Team

As a team, we have over 50 years of combined CEO experience & expertise. Our team of consultants are sons & daughters of the Pacific, who are specialist able to provide innovative solutions ...