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Recent Developments (November 2014)

Appointment of Directors

The PCG is registered as a company in Samoa. Since its establishment, the Directors of the Pacific Consult Group has met twice. One of the first duties was to formally appoint its Board of Directors. In its first meeting, the Board appointed Kolone Vaii as its inaugural Chairman. Kolone is well known in the region as a former CEO of the Treasury in Samoa and having established his consultancy company KVA Consult Ltd many years ago. The Board appointed Savenaca Narube as Vice Chairman. Savenaca was the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji and Permanent Secretary for Finance. The terms of the Chairman and Vice Chairman is one year after which the Vice Chairman will assume the chairmanship and the Board will appoint a new Vice Chairman from amongst the Directors. The other Board Directors are Sir Wilson Kami of PNG, Joyce Mafi of Tonga and Epa Tuioti of Samoa. The Board also appointed Mrs Tuioti as the Company Secretary.

First Company Contract

The PCG won its first contract to undertake a feasibility study on the Pacific Economic Forum (PEF) proposed by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS). The proposed PEF is a forum which would promote wider discussions and analysis of the relevant agenda items of the Finance and Economic Ministers Meeting (FEMM). The PCG chose Savenaca Narube as the Lead Consultant for this work and Joyce Mafi as Associate Consultant. The other Principals of PCG acted as peer reviewers. Being able to provide its own peer reviewers of experienced people is one of the strengths of the PCG. The PCG undertook an electronic survey and face to face interviews of relevant stakeholders in the Pacific. Being represented in four countries in the Pacific, the PCG was well placed to undertake this regional consultation in a short period of time. The Lead Consultant, Savenaca Narube, presented the findings of the study to the FEMM in Honiara. The report is being finalized with the PIFS.

Pacific Reach

One of the key advantages of the PCG is its Pacific Reach having its Principals in four countries in the Pacific. This came in handy in the Company’s first contract with PIFS. Under very tight deadlines, the PCG was able to complete its consultations with governments and other relevant agencies. The PCG can use this advantage for similar projects that requires consultations across the Pacific. This will reduce the costs and the time required for such consultations.