• "Policy analysis and advice in economic, financial, monetary and fiscal policies"
  • "Advice in Decision-making systems, Delegations, Accountabilities & Risk strategies"
  • "Organizational restructuring, Effectiveness, Behavioral changes, Performance & Motivation"

Company Update (March 2017)

Company congratulates Mr. Epa Tuioti as Minister for Finance for Samoa

The Group congratulates Mr. Epa Tuioti for winning the general elections in Samoa in 2016 and being appointed to the important position of the Minister for Finance. Mr Tuioti was one of the five founding Principals of the Group and was instrumental in its establishment. The Company wishes him the very best in his important role.

Company welcomes Ms Tuioti to the Board

Ms. Naomi Tuioti has replaced Mr. Epa Tuioti as a Director on the Board of the Company. Naomi is the co-managing director of KVAConsult and was its former CEO. The Company extends a very warm welcome to Naomi to the Board.

Company extends services to private sector advice and the policy implications of climate change

The Board of Directors of the Pacific Consult Group met recently in Apia in early February 2017. The Board agreed on a strategic roadmap for the next three years which consolidates its activities in its core strengths of economic and financial policy advise and organisational review. However, to take advantage of the expanding areas of engagement by its Principals, the Company will extend its consulting services to the public policy content of climate change and investment advisory to private companies especially foreign ones that wish to establish businesses in the Pacific Region. The Principals are increasingly engaged in the important work around climate change especially as they relate to public policies and aims to take full advantage of these experiences in the services that it offers. At the same time, the presence of foreign investors in the Pacific region plays an essential catalytic growth in its economic development. Given the vast experience of its Principals both as past holders of leadership positions and in their new role as consultants, the Company believes that it is in an advantageous position to offer its services to potential and existing investors in the region.

Company to play an active role in advocacy of public policies

In recognition of the central role of good public policy in economic development in the region, the Company in its recent Board meeting in Apia, decided to take a more active role in advocating and promoting good public policies that are based on proven evidences and universal best practices. The Company believes that as past central bank Governors and CEOs of Ministries of Finance, its Principals are well placed to give back their experiences and knowledge to the region to strengthen policy development and formulation. In this regard, the Company has decided to initiate a paper on the Financial Integration in the Pacific Region. The Company believes that financial integration is a relevant and topical subject which is a pre-requisite to greater inter-regional investment flows and economic integration. The Company hopes that it can collaborate with others who may be interested in this advocacy role.

Company to retain current Chairmanship arrangement

To facilitate the consolidation of the Company and the execution of its medium term strategic plan, the Apia meeting of the Board in February 2017 reconfirmed its earlier decision to defer the rotation of the Chairmanship and Vice Chairmanship of the Company until further notice. Mr. Kolone Vaai will therefore remain as the Chairman of the Group with Mr. Savenaca Narube as the Vice Chairman.